"Community Management of your most precious resource...Your Home"

Association Governance Services
A cornerstone of a successful association is effective governance principles and practices - principles that support communication and practices that delineate responsibilities...More

Business and Financial Services
Maintaining complete, accurate, and timely association financials is a cornerstone of our firm. We produce all the necessary business and financial information your Association will need to make sound decisions...More

Community Building Services
Our Managers play a key role in building a sense of community and positively affecting members' perceptions of their Association through consistent communications and management of quality events... More

Online Services
Our "Smart Technology" service has been created to bring convenience, savings, accessibility to information, and management efficiency to Community Associations, its professional Managers and staff, its Board of Directors, committees, volunteers, and its residents...More

Property Management Services
We know that a well-maintained property produces the highest returns for owners - and we're proud to offer a long list of satisfied owners as testimony to our maintenance programs...More



Full service Association Management includes the following services:

Physical Facilities Management

  •       Property Inspections
  •       Contract Specification Development
  •       Contract Bidding
  •       Contract Bid Summaries and Contractor Recommendations
  •       Contractor Supervision
  •       Project Work Inspections
  •       Contract Administration
  •       Preventative Maintenance Programs
  •       Emergency Repair Coordination
  •       Routine Maintenance Tasks
  •       Recommendations to the Board Regarding Maintenance Projects


Advice and Consultation to the Board and Association

  •       Attendance at Board Meetings
  •       Planning of and Attendance at the Annual Meeting
  •       Production and Advance Distribution of Board Meeting Agendas and Meeting Packages
  •       Assist Board Operations
  •       Assist with Rules Development
  •       Facilitate Rules Enforcement
  •       Coordinate Board Committees
  •       Problem Resolution
  •       Obtain Outside Experts as and when Required
  •       Insurance Bidding and Selection
  •       Insurance Claims Administration
  •       Assistance with Association Transition from Developer Control
  •       Resolution of Developer Problems


Financial Management Services

  •       Full Service Accounting
  •       Monthly Financial Statements
  •       Billing and Payment Options Including Monthly Statements, Coupon Books and/or Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT / ACH).
  •       On-site Electronic Deposit Processing of your Association Funds.  No Need to Use Out of Town Bank Lockbox Operations.
  •       Escrow Service for Sold Units
  •       Individual Association Bank Accounts - NO trust or common fund accounts
  •       Administration of all Association Accounts Including Checking, Checking Sweeps, Savings, Money Market, Mutual Fund, Bond and/or Equity Funds, CD's, Treasury Direct T-Bills, etc.
  •       In-House Laser Check Generation (keeps client check costs very low)
  •       In-House EFT/ACH Transaction Capabilities
  •       Single or Dual Signature Checks - Client's Choice
  •       Major Project Loan Funding Coordination - Applications, Documentation, Draws
  •       Reserve Account Analysis and Reserve Study Coordination
  •       All Accounts Payable Functions
  •       All Accounts Receivable Functions
  •       Collection Service Coordination with Association Legal/Collection Firm
  •       Maintenance of the Association Unit Sales History
  •       Federal Income Tax Return Coordination with CPA
  •       Annual Operating Budget Preparation
  •       Annual Capital Budget Preparation
  •       Payroll Administration for On-site Staff

Limited service accounting, bookkeeping and consulting service programs are available for the smaller homeowner's and self-managed associations.  Please contact our office for further information.